The magic of ceramics

When I touch clay, I am connecting to ancient mountains transformed by the force of water and wind.

1. The Wheel

2. Walken

3. Center

4. Throw

5. To Form

6. Trim

7. Sculping

8. Polishing

9. Stamping

10. Glazing

11. Kiln

Ceramics is the art of firing clay. My work is fired twice, which is called stoneware. It is clay that has been fired above 1200 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the high silica content, the clay densifies and vitrifies. After the firing the clay becomes solid and robust.

The turning, shaping and sculpting the clay by hand, the drying of the pieces, the slip and the glazing. The 1st firing (‘biscuit’) and the 2nd firing (after glazing) and the slow cooling of the pieces. It is a long process between touching the clay to a finished product, but it is a grounding and great experience.