Ever since I graduated I visualized an atelier in the mountains with great views.

In 2018, after exploring the French Alps we have found our “maison village” in Entrevernes. A breathtaking hamlet in the Annecy Mountains, departement Haute Savoie.

In 2020 I was ready to convert the old attic (‘combles’) into a creative work space. It turned into my absolute dream atelier. In my atelier, time plays no role. Here everything revolves around the clay and the process. I combine many different methods while working on a piece. Not only throwing on the wheel, but also sculpting and burnishing every piece. I easily spend 2 hours working on a single cup.

It’s about having fun throwing, modeling and carving. Applying the engobes and glazes, the raw materials and then the final results. Lots of patience (love, sweat and tears) in between.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.