I believe that we can find a balance in our life between work, creating art and enjoying free-time at a slow pace.

I am Jolanda Brouwer, born in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Olaf, the love of my life, and I started traveling across the world in 1994 from our base in Amsterdam . In 2008 we decided to pack up completely and to live and work in beautiful places around the world.

We discovered several amazing villages in the French Alps. We love the mountains and for us it is an inspiration to experience life here. At first we lived in Le Lavancher in Chamonix Mont Blanc. In December 2018 we found our permanent base in Entrevernes in the Annecy mountains.

My expressive work is inspired by the natural world. The shapes and colors of the mountains and lakes and our travel experiences.

For me, happiness is creativity and getting inspired by nature, shapes and color and different cultures.

Olaf and I are small entrepreneurs and our work (and life) is based on simple values. Live happier and enjoy the moment. In 2015 we started Cafe Bunna, the smallest espresso bar in Annecy.

In 2024 it became extra special as a unique selling point for Dijken Hoodies made by Olaf and Ithaka Ceramics made by Jolanda.